V2 CigsV2 cigs is undeniably the leader in the electronic cigarette industry. Although the company only started its commercial production in 2010, it is now the best selling and most popular product alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The company was built by three former smokers who realized the serious health dangers that come from chronic tobacco use. These businessmen successfully formulated their own electronic cigarette product, which is at present also considered as the most well-known e-cig brand in the market.

If you are a smoker who wants to quit soon and would like to experience smoking using the electronic cigarette, we will enumerate just some of the most important features and benefits of V2 e-cigarettes:

  • Effectively satisfy the yearning for tobacco smoking with V2 Cigs
    With countless years of research and development, V2 cigs is known as the most advanced nicotine inhalation system. Not only is it popular in the US, but it is also the best-selling e-cigs brand worldwide. V2 cigs enables users to experience the same set of sensations brought about by smoking but without the negative effects of tobacco.

    Each stick of V2 cigs stimulates the look and feel of tobacco cigarettes. Although the product comes in a variety of colors, the actual shape and size of cigarette sticks are replicas of a normal tobacco cigarette that people normally smoke. The form factor alone makes the smoking experience with V2 Cigs just as equally satisfying as smoking tobacco.

  • Vaping with V2 Cigs is Better for your Health
    You may think that without tobacco, the whole smoking experience will be nothing but dull. Try out V2 Cigs and let your lungs feel the difference. The absence of tobacco as a primary cigarette ingredient makes V2 a healthier smoking alternative.

    V2 Cigs makes use of nicotine solution to satiate the need to smoke. According to studies, nicotine is the addicting element in tobacco smoking. Although this is the case, it does not have any known negative effect on the body even when it is consumed regularly.

    By taking out the tobacco component and focusing on perfecting electronic cigarette technology, the founders of V2 Cigs have successfully developed a smoking device that is even better than smoking traditional cigarettes. Users inhale the satisfying vapors without running the risk of developing respiratory diseases in the process.

    If you are a chronic smoker, do yourself a favor and switch to vaping with V2 Cigs.

  • V2 Cigs come in a variety of flavors and strengths
    Whatever your brand is, V2 Cigs definitely has it! Choose from a myriad of flavors and strengths when you make the right decision of switching to V2 Cigs. Classic tobacco flavors include V2 Red, Congress, Menthol, and Sahara. If you would like to try out unique electronic cigarette smoking, V2 Cigs has exciting nicotine solution offerings like Cherry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, and Cola. You will never get tired of V2, and once you have made the switch you will most definitely stick to vaping with V2 Cigs rather than going back to unhealthy tobacco smoking.

    V2 cigs come in three nicotine strengths. If you want the bold flavor of classic tobacco cigarettes, you will definitely love V2 Cigs in full-flavored 18mg of nicotine. If you, however, are using V2 to help you in kicking the smoking habit for good, you can choose classic flavors that come in zero or light nicotine strength variants.

  • V2 Cigs is more affordable than its competition
    Unlike Green Smoke and Blu Cigs, the economy starter kit of V2 Cigs is a lot cheaper. For a mere $64.95 you get the V2 Cigs Starter Kit. Enjoy an equivalent of 220 puffs with the Starter Kit and you will find yourself hooked into using it in the long haul.

    You don’t have to spend $150.00 on electronic cigarettes. Overpriced electronic cigarette products function essentially the same way as V2 Cigs. The only difference is that V2 Cigs deliver the whole smoking experience better than any other brand can!

    Smokers who want to try out V2 Cigs should take advantage of a V2 Cigs coupon to further reduce the price when shopping online. Find coupons for a 15% discount when you purchase any new starter kit, or use a different coupon to save 10% off of any other items in their product line. Reward yourself with a high-quality e-cig at a price you can afford.

  • Enjoy Smoking without the unpleasant byproducts of tobacco smoking
    Smokers will agree to the fact that they also do not like the byproducts that go alongside smoking tobacco cigarettes. V2 eliminates the need for smokers to use a flame to start smoking. Since there are no tobacco and paper to burn, V2 Cigs deliver the following benefits:

    • No Tar
    • No Harmful, Disease-Causing Chemicals
    • No Ash
    • No Noxious Odors
    • No Bad Breath
    • No Smoke

V2 Cigs is definitely a revolutionary alternative that eliminates all the unpleasant effects of smoking without eliminating the satisfaction that smokers get from the act of smoking itself.

Not only is V2 Cigs a good smoking alternative among its users, but it also creates a few benefits to non-smokers too! You don’t need to worry about second-hand smoke anymore. Enjoy using the V2 Cigs even when you’re around your family and loved ones. Smokers can use V2 Cigs even in non-smoking places!

Make a positive and healthy change by buying V2 Cigs! Once you start using it, you will never regret that you made that switch!

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There are so many reasons to smoke. It feels good. Er, well, that’s about it, really, but it’s a BIG one.

Meanwhile, a whole lot of other people out there really pride themselves on their ability to decide just what is “good”, and then enforce their opinions as law. In the past 30 years or so, these servants of the public “good” have trained their eagle eyes on smokers, and proceeded to systematically transform them into social pariahs. Everywhere you go, you hear about smoking being the leading cause of cancer, heart attack, stillborn babies, and the reason “Twin Peaks” went into the crapper in its second season.

Blu Cigs alternative to tobaccoSeriously, the social stigma that is now attached to smoking is deeply entrenched, socially pervasive, and seemingly permanent. You can’t smoke in restaurants, you can’t smoke in many bars, you can’t even smoke in some casinos! The brouhaha over “second hand smoke” and the alleged fact that smokers are “harming” not only themselves, but others into the bargain, has seen to that.

So, what’s a smoker to do when he feels the urge to light up and enjoy that smooth, measured, relaxing, sensation that only smoking can bring him?

Reach for a Blu Cig, of course! Blu Cigs, for those of you who don’t know, are the leading brand of electronic cigarette. What’s an “electronic” cigarette? Is it a cigarette that lets your voice do that wicked cool Peter Frampton “wah wah” thing when you smoke it?

No. It does not do that.
Blu Cigs
Blu Cig is the world’s best brand of electronic cigarette. An electronic cigarette is a device which functions exactly like a traditional, tobacco filled cigarette, except that when you inhale, you are “smoking” pure water vapor, instead of tobacco fumes. So, you are thus getting all of the traditional pleasure from the classic smoking experience, with none of the ash, tar, nicotine, and “second hand smoke” that others can throw you out of a public building and then attempt to sue you over.

No musty, stale, leftover odor on your breath and clothing. No ash filled ash tray, filled up with stinky butts that the dog can get into, chew up, and then vomit all over the rug. No friends, relatives, and strangers in public places, “guilt tripping” you over something that is none of their business! Freedom from guilt, freedom from stale smells, and freedom from intrusive social legislation – those are the freedoms that choosing a Blu Cig e-smoke over a traditionally, tobacco filled, cigarette can give to you!

Blu Cigs Vapor

This is What Blu Cigs Vapor Looks Like... I Kid! It Looks Just Like Tobacco Smoke.

Think about it. You’re smoking up water vapor, and enjoying the heck out of it. Who are you harming? No one, not even yourself! Who ever heard of a man dying from inhaling pure water vapor? (Assuming he wasn’t sticking his face into a geyser hole). So, the next time you’re sitting in a restaurant or a bar, and feel like lighting up, do it! Blu Cig gives you precisely that freedom! As well as the freedom to let the “concerned citizen” next to you know what he can do with his two cents. With Blu Cigs, guilt is gone!

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Green Smoke Starter KitWhat can a reliable, informative article say about Green Smoke electronic cigarettes that hasn’t already been said (usually in glowing terms of praise) about them in the past?

Certainly anyone who comes across this article as the result of even the most cursory and lackadaisical internet search will know (or should know) that Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are the pinnacle of the still growing industry. E-cigs just don’t get more valuable and reliable than Green Smoke can make them!

The simple truth is that, when it comes to electronic cigarettes, you get exactly what you pay for. At the moment, it’s simply not economically feasible for manufacturers of electronic cigarettes to sell their starter kits for less than manufacturers of traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes sell theirs. It simply can’t be done. Big tobacco conglomerates have a strangle hold on the imagination of smokers world wide.

Sure, there has been a spate of anti-tobacco legislation enacted in the past few decades, at both the state and federal levels. Manufacturers of traditional cigarettes have seen their products rise dramatically in price, and their advertising disappear from radio and television.

Despite these undeniable setbacks, Big Tobacco still has unseen armies of lobbyists working tirelessly in the halls of Congress. And their stooges and flunkies, many of whom are directly involved in Congress, still have the wherewithal to enforce their will against the small but growing consumer base of electronic cigarettes such as Green Smoke.

So, yes, until E-cig fans become a consumer base large enough to seriously challenge manufacturers of traditional, health risk taking, cancer causing, tobacco filled cigarettes, companies like Green Smoke will be a somewhat marginal portion of the smoking economy. And you will therefore have to pay a bit more for a cartridge of Green Smoke than for a traditional pack of cigarettes.

But, don’t be discouraged! For one thing, a cartridge of Green Smoke lasts quite a bit longer than a $6-7 pack of traditional smokes. In fact, many Green Smoke users report that a cartridge full of Green Smoke E-cigs lasts longer than a carton of traditional cigarettes! So you’re really saving money in the end.

Green Smoke Cartridges

And, of course, when you buy a cartridge of delicious, reliable, Green Smoke electronic cigarettes, you’re getting all the pleasure and satisfaction of the classic smoking experience with none of the addictive nicotine (optional…) and potentially cancerous side effects!

A recent survey of all manufacturers of electronic cigarettes proved that, even compared to other leading brands of E-cig, Green Smoke stood apart from the field – as a matter of fact, well in front of it. Not only in terms of taste and overall satisfaction, but in being as competitively priced as current conditions in the market place allows! Green Smoke has long since established itself as the leader in the field when it comes to replicating the classic smoking experience with none of the potentially hazardous side effects! If you haven’t yet tried Green Smoke, take a dare and see for yourself!

Green Smoke Starter KitWith all the controversy over smoking, including not only both the alleged and proven ill effects resulting from years of nicotine addiction, but the hassle over smokers being excluded from public places such as restaurants, sports arenas, and even bars, it’s no wonder smokers are looking for a reliable alternative that satisfies their urge to smoke while doing away with all of the consequences.

Many such alternatives have been proposed over the years, from smokeless tobacco (the baseball player’s “chew”) to nicotine gum, but few have proven long lasting. However, in the past decade, a new breed of cigarette has emerged: the E-cigarette. These “E-cigs” have caught the attention of the mainstream media, and reports on their efficiency and desirability have been featured on radio, television, and the internet.

E-cigs provide a very authentic smoking substitute, but contain controllable levels of nicotine, and come without any of the health-damaging chemical preservatives, additives, and fillers that a normal cigarette inevitably contains. Indeed, many such E-cigs simply contain inhaled water vapor, which gives you the satisfying sensation of smoking, complete with the authentic rhythm of the long inhale and breath release we all associate with this act.

Many thus find the E-cig a smart alternative to smoking, although generally not yet quite as cost effective, since these E-cigs have yet to penetrate the market to the same degree as regular tobacco cigarettes. However, E-cigs are quickly gaining ground and closing the gap in market share, especially as these e-cigs do not produce any of the effects non-smokers find to be so insufferably offensive.

Update: E cigs are becoming quite cost effective. Not only are prices going down, but many companies are offering generous e cig coupons. Many e cig calculators report a yearly savings of over $1000!

No More Butts with E CigsE-cigs don’t produce a cloud of acrid, foul smelling smoke that stains one’s clothing and breath, and wards off non-smokers who are obsessed over the ill effects of “second hand smoke”. They also don’t produce any ash that could collect all over one’s sofa, chairs, or floors. There’s no “butt” to have to throw away afterward, or to fill up a smelly, nasty ash tray with, after you’re finished. Perhaps best of all, you can smoke in bed with an E-cig, and not have to worry about falling asleep and burning your house down, and yourself up with it.

Perhaps the leading maker of E-cigs on the market place today is Green Smoke. This company employs a two piece E-cig system. Located at the tip of every Green Smoke E-cigarette is a cartridge, which is shaped very similarly to the filter of a traditional tobacco cigarette. This cartridge device proves to be where the liquid is held. This is the liquid which is vaporized by the E-cig in order to provide with you with your desired smoking simulation.

When you inhale on the E-cig, an enclosed battery which powers the device activates a heating mechanism, which is called an atomizer. The liquid is then completely vaporized, and you inhale this vapor as “smoke”. The effect is exactly like that of inhaling upon, then releasing, traditional tobacco smoke.

The sensation is just as pleasant as that of smoking a regular cigarette, but provides none of the nasty long term side effects of nicotine addiction, such as bad breath, routine fire hazards, and, above all, fiendish nicotine cravings! You won’t be constantly misplacing and having to pay for brand new books of matches and cigarette lighters. And you won’t be annoying complete strangers at the bus stop, as well as your friends, constantly with requests to “bum a smoke”!

The second part of every Green Smoke E-cig package is called a Flavor Max Cartomizer. According to the company’s official website, the Cartomizer is specifically designed to maximize the pleasurable sensation and flavor of the inhaled water vapor. Each Flavor Max Cartomizer manufactured by Green Smoke provides the equivalent of one and a half packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. The Cartomizer itself works something like a cross between a flask and a pack of traditional cigarettes, in that it employs a simple twist off mechanism for inserting a new Cartomizer replacement when the old one is used up and out of smokeable water vapor.

Another leading brand of E-cigs is South Beach Smoke. One of the most popular points of their brand of E-cigs is the batteries which power their replaceable cartridges. It is noted in many glowing reviews on the internet that these batteries are especially responsive and long lasting, helping to power an amazingly extended number of smokes from the single cartridge they fuel. Indeed, when a smoker first “drags” off a South Beach Smoke E-cig, your throat and lungs fill instantly with vapor.

There’s no waiting patiently for the smoking experience to begin – power up, and you’re instantly there! Indeed, the LED lights located at the very end of a South Beach Smoke E-cig flare up immediately to let you know it’s immediately ready for you to begin. South Beach Smoke is thus known for its immense reliability and instantaneous response time.

South Beach Smoke E-cigs also come in a variety of flavors, which include such interesting choices as chocolate, vanilla, traditional Tobacco and Menthol flavors, and even cherry!
And as each refill is packaged in a set of fifteen, the value for your money is quite considerable. As E-cig smoking sessions tend to last much longer than a sit down with a normal tobacco cigarette, a pack of South Beach Smoke E-cigs could conceivably last you 2 weeks, or even a month. Individual E-cigs tend to last the average smoker about a day and a half. So, there is definite value – and volume- to be had with the money you spend on a South Beach Smoke E-cig, possibly the best deal you can presently have.

Whatever our preference as to flavor and style, the many brands and varieties of E-cigs currently available will surely fit your personal bill. If you’ve been a smoker of traditional tobacco cigarettes for many years, why not try an E-cig, and decide for yourself if the “hype” is justified? It’ll be a new experience for you, and it might just convince you to break your old slavery to nicotine, and embark on a new quest for the ultimate 21st century smoking sensation!

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