There are so many reasons to smoke. It feels good. Er, well, that’s about it, really, but it’s a BIG one.

Meanwhile, a whole lot of other people out there really pride themselves on their ability to decide just what is “good”, and then enforce their opinions as law. In the past 30 years or so, these servants of the public “good” have trained their eagle eyes on smokers, and proceeded to systematically transform them into social pariahs. Everywhere you go, you hear about smoking being the leading cause of cancer, heart attack, stillborn babies, and the reason “Twin Peaks” went into the crapper in its second season.

Blu Cigs alternative to tobaccoSeriously, the social stigma that is now attached to smoking is deeply entrenched, socially pervasive, and seemingly permanent. You can’t smoke in restaurants, you can’t smoke in many bars, you can’t even smoke in some casinos! The brouhaha over “second hand smoke” and the alleged fact that smokers are “harming” not only themselves, but others into the bargain, has seen to that.

So, what’s a smoker to do when he feels the urge to light up and enjoy that smooth, measured, relaxing, sensation that only smoking can bring him?

Reach for a Blu Cig, of course! Blu Cigs, for those of you who don’t know, are the leading brand of electronic cigarette. What’s an “electronic” cigarette? Is it a cigarette that lets your voice do that wicked cool Peter Frampton “wah wah” thing when you smoke it?

No. It does not do that.
Blu Cigs
Blu Cig is the world’s best brand of electronic cigarette. An electronic cigarette is a device which functions exactly like a traditional, tobacco filled cigarette, except that when you inhale, you are “smoking” pure water vapor, instead of tobacco fumes. So, you are thus getting all of the traditional pleasure from the classic smoking experience, with none of the ash, tar, nicotine, and “second hand smoke” that others can throw you out of a public building and then attempt to sue you over.

No musty, stale, leftover odor on your breath and clothing. No ash filled ash tray, filled up with stinky butts that the dog can get into, chew up, and then vomit all over the rug. No friends, relatives, and strangers in public places, “guilt tripping” you over something that is none of their business! Freedom from guilt, freedom from stale smells, and freedom from intrusive social legislation – those are the freedoms that choosing a Blu Cig e-smoke over a traditionally, tobacco filled, cigarette can give to you!

Blu Cigs Vapor

This is What Blu Cigs Vapor Looks Like... I Kid! It Looks Just Like Tobacco Smoke.

Think about it. You’re smoking up water vapor, and enjoying the heck out of it. Who are you harming? No one, not even yourself! Who ever heard of a man dying from inhaling pure water vapor? (Assuming he wasn’t sticking his face into a geyser hole). So, the next time you’re sitting in a restaurant or a bar, and feel like lighting up, do it! Blu Cig gives you precisely that freedom! As well as the freedom to let the “concerned citizen” next to you know what he can do with his two cents. With Blu Cigs, guilt is gone!

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