Green Smoke Starter KitWhat can a reliable, informative article say about Green Smoke electronic cigarettes that hasn’t already been said (usually in glowing terms of praise) about them in the past?

Certainly anyone who comes across this article as the result of even the most cursory and lackadaisical internet search will know (or should know) that Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are the pinnacle of the still growing industry. E-cigs just don’t get more valuable and reliable than Green Smoke can make them!

The simple truth is that, when it comes to electronic cigarettes, you get exactly what you pay for. At the moment, it’s simply not economically feasible for manufacturers of electronic cigarettes to sell their starter kits for less than manufacturers of traditional, tobacco filled, cigarettes sell theirs. It simply can’t be done. Big tobacco conglomerates have a strangle hold on the imagination of smokers world wide.

Sure, there has been a spate of anti-tobacco legislation enacted in the past few decades, at both the state and federal levels. Manufacturers of traditional cigarettes have seen their products rise dramatically in price, and their advertising disappear from radio and television.

Despite these undeniable setbacks, Big Tobacco still has unseen armies of lobbyists working tirelessly in the halls of Congress. And their stooges and flunkies, many of whom are directly involved in Congress, still have the wherewithal to enforce their will against the small but growing consumer base of electronic cigarettes such as Green Smoke.

So, yes, until E-cig fans become a consumer base large enough to seriously challenge manufacturers of traditional, health risk taking, cancer causing, tobacco filled cigarettes, companies like Green Smoke will be a somewhat marginal portion of the smoking economy. And you will therefore have to pay a bit more for a cartridge of Green Smoke than for a traditional pack of cigarettes.

But, don’t be discouraged! For one thing, a cartridge of Green Smoke lasts quite a bit longer than a $6-7 pack of traditional smokes. In fact, many Green Smoke users report that a cartridge full of Green Smoke E-cigs lasts longer than a carton of traditional cigarettes! So you’re really saving money in the end.

Green Smoke Cartridges

And, of course, when you buy a cartridge of delicious, reliable, Green Smoke electronic cigarettes, you’re getting all the pleasure and satisfaction of the classic smoking experience with none of the addictive nicotine (optional…) and potentially cancerous side effects!

A recent survey of all manufacturers of electronic cigarettes proved that, even compared to other leading brands of E-cig, Green Smoke stood apart from the field – as a matter of fact, well in front of it. Not only in terms of taste and overall satisfaction, but in being as competitively priced as current conditions in the market place allows! Green Smoke has long since established itself as the leader in the field when it comes to replicating the classic smoking experience with none of the potentially hazardous side effects! If you haven’t yet tried Green Smoke, take a dare and see for yourself!

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